Become a TriplePoint Company

We manage operations without compromising the heartbeat of our business: its people.

We start with employees.  Respected and valued people are the cornerstone for providing great performance for our customers. We aim to deliver operational excellence and innovation to provide long-term careers for craftspeople at all levels. If you join us, your company will keep its name, into which so many people, employees and customers have invested so much. We will share best practices with you born of long experience in the industry. However, we recognize that each regional service, construction and labor market is unique, so we do not dictate standardized procedures. For the companies that join us, it is important for them to maintain and strengthen what has made them successful and be open to even better ways to operate. Above all, we want the people that join us to share in our dedication to operational excellence and strong, engaged cultures.

We are committed to fostering financial success among our operating companies and plan to grow both internally and externally with acquisitions while maintaining limited debt. Financial performance and strength go hand in hand with operational excellence and engaged workforces to best serve our customers.  

TriplePoint is pursuing an active acquisition growth strategy focused on full-line, commercial HVAC and refrigeration construction and service companies with an emphasis on the greater Midwest region.

Companies operating under the TriplePoint umbrella will keep their company name with an emphasis on continuing what has made them successful. Because we know each regional HVAC and refrigeration market is different, we do not dictate standard operating procedures.

We will support your operations through the sharing of best practices that we have learned work well in our industry to enable you to be even better. We will provide capital to grow your business to the next level of success in your markets, and will offer our experience to support leadership succession for your company when the time is right.

We are looking to add full-line mechanical companies to our family  of operating businesses. We emphasize work in existing buildings – service and retrofit.  Our values include a strong assembled workforce and excellent safety performance, and we favor notable work for healthcare, industrial and education end-use customers.

Preferably, successful entrepreneurs will to continue leading their companies after joining us, and prefer operations in strong regional economies. Our ideal operating company is a business with at least $500,000 of earnings before interest, taxes depreciation and amortization or EBITDA.

We have no upper limit on EBITDA.  Healthy EBITDA margins are of greater interest to us.  Above all, we look for a strong commitment to the continued growth and success of our shared business.

Benefits of Joining Us


A Family of Companies

Joining TriplePoint means being welcomed into a family of operating companies dedicated to maintaining an optimum balance of operational excellence, innovation and employee engagement. This balance looks different for each company, and we will give each company the tools they need to achieve and maintain their personal equilibrium.


Operational excellence

We share best practices born of our wide experience in the skilled trades to offer you the opportunity to become even better at what we do.


the importance of your name

We understand the pride and brand equity associated with our operating companies’ names, so all operating company names and branding will remain intact. That pride and brand equity should only grow when partnering with TriplePoint. Company owners are afforded a responsible source of liquidity and ongoing capital investment with a commitment to keep building historical company brand equity and employee engagement.



Our exceptional safety record sets us apart from competitors. We seek companies that share our dedication to safety.



We value contributions from employees at all levels and recognize these contributions in part through our annual Innovation Prize for new, forward-thinking ideas. This prize is a cash award for the most innovative idea for operational excellence.

Discover the TriplePoint of Operational Excellence